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Trust in the magic of water. It flows.

After Celine’s experience of being part of Women on a Mission (WOAM) and seeing the impact she could make, Celine promised herself to commit to lifelong learning and trained as an ontological life coach with the Coach Partnership (formerly Newfield Asia).


However, believing that water makes people more open to explore, as it creates a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, Celine@Sea offers an alternative life coaching experience on or by the water. Water is powerful and movement brings flow. Depending on your comfort, you can choose to have your Life Coaching sessions on a paddle board exploring somatics or walking by the water.


As a trained ontological life coach, Celine supports people to explore new possibilities and develop their capacity to grow.


Choose from 2 packages: 


  • ​6 sessions: S$900

  • 10 sessions: S$1350 


​​Contact us to learn more about this alternative Life Coaching experience and find out how you can customise it to suit your schedule and individual needs.




When I started my coaching journey with Celine, what I wanted was to fulfil my curiosity of what a life coach could offer. 


What I got was much more. It was an avenue to a better understanding of myself and my capabilities and challenge myself to do better. 


It also provided a forum to discreetly discuss any nagging topic that came to mind and provide an avenue to resolve such issues.


When I started my coaching journey with Celine, what I wanted was self confidence and mentorship in discovering my true authentic self. 

What I got was all of this and more! Little did I know that an afternoon of shopping with Celine would be the catalyst in becoming my happiest and most authentic self. Through her real, honest, insightful and warm encouragement, I learned to trust my instincts and believe in me. She once sent me a motto that I always think of when I think of her and my journey: 'self confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it!'


What surprised me and delighted me the most was how this one day of letting myself be vulnerable and ask for help allowed me to be living my happiest days now. 


I was seeking clarity about wether I should pursue a new business idea. Celine helped me identify some behaviours/attitudes that were holding me back.


Once identified, the sessions gave me the courage to move forward with the online business with more self-awareness and simple tools to build my confidence.


Talking to Celine about my ideas/goals really helped me solidify  my business plan. Celine also helped me identify why I wanted  to launch the business idea. The sessions helped me realise how passionate I am about this project but also motivated my opportunity to be an entrepreneur and start my own business.

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