Coup de Coeur: Steve McQueen Persol special edition sunglasses

I recently watched 'The Magnificent Seven' with my son for probably the 100th time, only this time I actually watched it as an adult and developed a massive crush on Steve McQueen! Seriously who gets a crush on a dead guy?

It was the first time I had taken notice of him for my younger self was always drawn to James Coburn and his amazing knife skills.

Incidentally as I was shopping for a newfound fashion interest - sunglasses - I was about to buy my third and almost identical to my other two pairs of blue polarized Ray Ban, my eye was caught by the Steve McQueen Persol Limited edition... I just had to have them. The King of cool sunglasses? I simply coud not resist.

Legend has it, that Steve McQueen turned up on the set of the 'Thomas Crown affair' wearing these sunglasses, they became an instant hit and were forever associated with him.

I know they're primarily designed for men but aren't we all metrosexuals now? Still, I pretented to buy them for my husband when they were obviously for me. I have also found out since that they were not a new item at all, they were in fact launched in November 2010... I don't know if I look as cool as the 'King of cool' when I wear them and they're definitely not the latest fashion accessory but you know what? Coolness never ages...


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